The Future of Innovation is Here

Introducing the new AI Future Lab, a transformative 3-month experience aimed at revolutionizing how you and your organization innovate.

What are we developing?

  • Innovative 3-Month Journey: Tailored for leaders in innovation, product or service development, and change management.

  • Break Conventional Silos: Develop innovations in cross-organizational teams.

  • Real-Time AI Coaching: Benefit from instant AI feedback and collaboration support.

  • Exclusive Launch: This September, seize the rare chance to join as a customer beyond the ada Fellowship — spots will be limited.

What can you sign-up for?

While you’re on the waitlist, you will not only get early access to our new Innovation Coach GPT, but can also shape the development of the AI Future Lab. Sign-up to stay at the forefront of AI-powered innovation sprints and learn from our best practices. Be the first to know when the product is ready to launch and applications are open.

Your 3 main benefits

Hands-on Innovation

Try out ada’s Innovation Coach - our new app within the OpenAI GPT store to help you to innovate more efficiently.

Exclusive Insights

Gain early access to our thought leadership content that is designed to inspire, inform, and prepare you for the possibilities of the journey ahead.

Shaping Workshops

Join virtual sessions led by our experts and community members, to help you confidently take the next steps in your innovation journey.

ada Company

About us

ada’s mission is to accelerate organisational change by identifying, transforming, and uniting team leaders who drive innovation from within.

Our Vision

In an age of rapid change, we want to unleash Europe's joint potential through innovation and collaboration across sectors, industries, and backgrounds. Inspired by programming pioneer Ada Lovelace, we see technology as an opportunity, a tool for humans to employ thoughtfully.

Our Founders

Since the inception of ada, our founders Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel, Dr. Léa Steinacker, and Verena Pausder have provided tangible know-how on future competencies to a steadily growing community. With their long-standing expertise in leadership, technology, digital education, and entrepreneurship, they have driven ada to be the cutting-edge hub for change makers that it is today.