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Introducing the new AI Future Lab, a transformative 3-month experience aimed at revolutionizing how you and your organization innovate.

What to expect?

  • Overview of the challenges organizations face in implementing climate action strategy

  • Step-by-step guide to initiate climate action from grassroots levels

  • Practical tips for cultivating and nurturing a corporate culture centered on sustainability

  • Key KPIs for effective monitoring the success of your engagement strategy

What is this guide about?

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar shaping the success and longevity of organizations – and it fosters a collective sense of ownership and involvement.
But how can you ensure that sustainability remains an ever-evolving and ingrained facet of the company's identity and culture? In this guide, we’ll show you what it takes to develop effective climate action strategies that resonate across all levels at work.


Climate Strategy

Pinpoint gaps and challenges, establish success indicators and mobilize essential stakeholders.

Simple Implementation

Benefit from clear step-by-step guidelines to craft an engagement plan and execute best practices, aligned with your overarching objectives.

Tangible Success

Define explicit targets and assess the ROI to validate the effectiveness of your strategy.

ada Company

About us

ada’s mission is to accelerate organisational change by identifying, transforming, and uniting team leaders who drive innovation from within.

Our Vision

In an age of rapid change, we want to unleash Europe's joint potential through innovation and collaboration across sectors, industries, and backgrounds. Inspired by programming pioneer Ada Lovelace, we see technology as an opportunity, a tool for humans to employ thoughtfully.

Our Founders

Since the inception of ada, our founders Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel, Dr. Léa Steinacker, and Verena Pausder have provided tangible know-how on future competencies to a steadily growing community. With their long-standing expertise in leadership, technology, digital education, and entrepreneurship, they have driven ada to be the cutting-edge hub for change makers that it is today.