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ada lovelace festival 2024

New Utopias

November 6-7

Ludwigsburg + Virtual

ada lovelace festival 2024

Ada Lovelace festival 2023 in 3 minutes
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Imagine creating the future we've only dared to dream of. A future that embraces sustainability, dynamic leadership, pioneering tech, and innovative thinking. Imagine creating a utopia.

Themed "New Utopias", we'll envision tomorrow's innovations, explore the constantly evolving dynamics between humans and our technologies, and examine the challenges of unchecked progress. We'll go beyond the role of today's tech in enhancing our personal and professional lives to see how emerging innovations are shaping our society in general. How is technological progress complementing our highest aspirations? Join the conversation. Together, let's envision, debate, and shape our new utopias.


Join us at the Forum am Schlosspark

Berlin river with boats

Come and join us at the Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg. You can reach Ludwigsburg within 20 minutes from Stuttgart.


About ALF

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Female or non-binary people



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Our three-ponged approach at the
Ada Lovelace Festival


Upskilling is the most important investment for your long-term success

At the Ada Lovelace Festival, you will gain exclusive insights into emerging technologies and trends directly from industry pioneers. Learn from the best to stay ahead of the curve.


Become part of a vibrant cross-organizational network

You will expand your personal and professional networks by connecting with a diverse group of industry leaders, innovators, and peers who share your passion for technology and future trends.


Put your new skills and insights into action

Hands-on experiences like practical sessions, topic deep dives, and interactive workshops will equip you with actionable ideas and strategies to enhance your team's processes and lead impactful projects. Return to your organization with fresh perspectives that drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Ada Lovelace Festival is where you collaborate and co-create by exploring diverse future-oriented topics and emerging technologies such as AI, New Work, and Sustainability in the Digital Age.

With a myriad of interactive sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and spaces for co-creation, ALF is where you’ll transform theoretical concepts into practical applications in an open, supportive environment.


Panel Discussions

Interactive Sessions

Artful Interlude

Unconference Formats

Deep Dives



Experience Area



Reflection Wall


Internet Café

ALF Party

Hands-on Exploration

Community Stage



During the Ada Lovelace Festival, you get the chance to interact in a lively atmosphere with participants across organizations, industries, and levels:

C-Level and Leader

Meet leaders, experts, and speakers face-to-face at the Ada Lovelace Festival to get insights on how current business models are evolving in the face of emerging technologies.

Tech Enthusiasts and Future-minded people

Gain expert knowledge on a wide range of topics, get inspired through the exchange with our diverse community, and get tangible takeaways for your organization - all while having a blast!

Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers

Gain transferable knowledge and insights relevant to your future and the future of your company. Meet engaging professionals, discuss innovative ideas, and get inspired.

Academics and Students

Connect with experts in science, politics, and business. Join a vast, active network from various industries and organizations and seize the chance to turn theory into practical applications.

Ada Fellows and Alumni

This is your chance to meet the whole ada community and be part of co-creating unforgettable experiences. Engage with experts, fellows, alumni and the ada team about topics, experiences, and those quirky moments you had during your ada Fellowship.

Let’s Connect

Join our LinkedIn group to exchange thoughts, inspiration, and questions around the Ada Lovelace Festival.

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Wall of Love

What people say about the Ada Lovelace Festival

Diana Seibold picture

Parneet Pal

Physician-Educator, Founder of

Systematically Well Advisory Inc.

“I loved speaking at the ada LoveLace festival! It was both special and unique thanks to the brilliant and passionate ada founders and team. They have created a learning community that is genuinely curious about science, art and business, while embodying the values of collaboration and taking action for meaningful impact in the world. Highly recommend this experience!"

Shermin Voshmgir - Author, founder of Token Kitchen & BlockchainHub

Shermin Voshmgir

Author, founder

Token Kitchen & BlockchainHub

“At the intersection of technology and innovation, women in tech can bring unique perspectives and transformative ideas with a humanistic perspective in mind - and the ADA community has created a great breeding ground for such perspectives!”

Diana Seibold picture

Payal Arora

Digital Anthropologist

“ALF is not just another talk fest. It truly is a feminist undertaking with a powerhouse of female leadership behind this undertaking. This event translates buzzwords to action by bringing together diverse people and ideas to inspire and instigate change. It’s a must experience for those who want to break out of their bubbles.”

Diana Seibold picture

Anne Latz

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer


“The Ada Lovelace Festival was the first festival in years which really surprised me: By a beautiful combination of warmth & familiarity with a platform for change agents & innovators, all curated by super sharp minds. I was able to leave my comfort zone, connect with new areas of expertise, engage in honest conversations - and see the lights of likeminded people from all over the world.”

Diana Seibold picture

Diana Seibold

People Engagement Lead in Group Strategy, Marketing, Distribution


“The Ada Lovelace Festival is a unique opportunity to experience current trends, exchange ideas with leading experts and peers, and bring many ideas back to the workplace.”

Bertholt Meyer

Bertholt Meyer

DJ, producer, and avowed modular enthusiast

"ALF really sets the bar when it comes to empowering women and celebrating diversity in IT."

Slávka Waltsgott

Slávka Waltsgott

Agile Expert IT

Deutsche Telekom

“ALF is an opportunity to step out of your "information bubble” into a universe full of diverse opinions and impulses - simply listen, learn and grow together!“

Picture of: John Michael Schert

John Michael Schert

Artist, Advisor and Producer

“It is rare to be in a space that allows for so many convergent, and divergent, perspectives to collide and collaborate. Presenting at last year’s Ada Lovelace Festival we felt a great sense of belonging and that our ideas mattered - to the attendees, the fellow presenters, and the future of our shared planet. We can’t wait to return and experience that feeling at ALF again!”

Flavio Garcea

Flavio Garcea

ada Ambassador & VP Product, Digital Trust


"At ALF, you can witness firsthand the symbiosis between diversity and digital innovation. This gathering is an empowering reminder that we can shape a better future by inclusively harnessing our unique strengths."

Andreas Ammermüller

Andreas Ammermüller

Head of Labour Market Analysis and Statistics

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

“ALF is greatly inspiring, an innovative conference and a gathering of the whole ada community. I had valuable insights both personally and for my organization.”

Jürgen “tante” Geuter

Jürgen “tante” Geuter

Sociotechnologist, Writer and tech de-evangelist

"While being exceptionally professional the ALF keeps spaces open for criticism and dissent. This way it can create interesting bridges between communities and spark challenging conversations."

Brigite Sladojevic

Brigite Sladojevic

Strategic Business Management, Mercedes-Benz AG

"Attending the conference was a truly holistic experience: surrounded by brilliant minds and inspiring ideas from around the world, I was extremely energized and profoundly impacted.The sessions were enriching, with thought-provoking speakers pushing the boundaries of our perception and thinking."


Why you should attend Ada Lovelace Festival


Cutting-edge Insights

Immerse yourself in a playground of innovation where industry leaders and tech visionaries share insights on the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges. Learn from and with the best. Be a trailblazer in your field.


Think-Tank Networking

Engage with a buzzing community of changemakers and early adopters, where our hive knowledge fuels dynamic discussions, sparks groundbreaking ideas, and drives transformative thinking. Gain diverse perspectives and new insights that will boost your creativity and push any boundaries. Because growth rarely happens alone.


Problem-Solving Hubs

Tackle your obstacles head-on and share Best Practices by diving into collaborative problem-solving hubs. Drive breakthroughs within teams and across industries through collaboration and co-creation within our community.

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Fast-paced digitalization, evolving economic models, and rapid climate change mean that organizations must equip their employees with business-critical skills for a sustainable, digital future. This is where we at ada step in.

With our ada Fellowship, we offer a one-year development program that helps companies and their employees to upskill for a digital, sustainable future. At ada, we have a unique, three-pronged approach for growth and development: Learn-Meet-Apply. This approach combines collaborative online learning with hands-on application for real-life solutions, within a large community connecting industries and organizations. Because growth rarely happens alone!

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