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Teamwork with AI

Maximizing the benefits of AI - with the right corporate culture

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What you learn in this whitepaper:

Artificial intelligence has the potential to make work processes in companies considerably more efficient. However, many organizations are faced with a challenge: how to not only initiate individual AI pilot projects, but to really integrate AI into everyday working life? it is about creating a corporate culture in which employees actively use AI and - when used sensibly - experience it as enriching.

In this whitepaper, we offer scientifically based insights and practical strategies on how companies can establish an AI-promoting culture in order to fully exploit the benefits of the technology.

Your 3 benefits:

More creativity

Find out how to drive collaborative, creative processes in teams through the power of generative AI.

Simple implementation

With our step-by-step checklists you make your company "AI-ready" and ensure that the AI-integration runs smoothly.

Measurable success

Make sure you take the 8 success factors into account for the long-term integration of AI in your teamwork.

What is a whitepaper by ada?

Our whitepapers offer carefully researched insights into digital and future topics to classify current trends and support you in implementing practical solutions. We evaluate studies and translate them into strategies that you can integrate into your day-to-day work.

What can you expect?

  • Concrete steps to change your own corporate culture and successfully establish AI systems

  • Overview of what it takes to build interdisciplinary teams and integrate AI strategists into teams

  • Advantages and disadvantages of a central AI department - with a view to the needs of different organizations

Why is it important to establish a company culture that supports AI?

Developing an AI-promoting corporate culture is of crucial importance in today's global business ecosystem because this enables companies to fully exploit the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Such a culture creates the necessary curiosity, acceptance, and openness for the use of AI technologies in operational processes, which leads to increased efficiency, innovation, and creativity. At the same time, the right corporate culture boosts employee satisfaction by assuaging technological anxiety and focusing on the development of both future-proof skills and purpose-driven strategic roles. Establishing a corporate culture that is conducive to AI is key to the long-term competitiveness and prosperity.

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