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Vanessa Cann isan accomplished professional in the European AI landscape, and now the CEO of Nyonic Europe. With her wealth of experience, she brings valuable insights and expertise to Nyonic. 

As Managing Director at the German AI Association, Vanessa has built the largest network for AI companies in Europe. She was one of the initiators of the initiative LEAM (Large European AI Models), where she pushed towards building up a dedicated AI infrastructure and more European collaboration in the field of foundational models. At the German AI Association, Vanessa founded a non-profit academy for artificial intelligence to educate the general public about AI and united ten international AI associations through the European AI Forum, giving European founders a voice in politics. 

Prior to joining the German AI Association, Vanessa worked at the German Startups Association and advised Fortune 500 companies in their digital policies. For her commitment to the European AI ecosystem, she was named one of the 30 most important people under 30 by Forbes in 2022.

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