Tanja Bogumil

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Lovely Day Foods


Tanja Bogumil is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Lovely Day Foods,a Berlin-based company with the goal to remove animals from the food chain. Itsfirst sub-brand Perfeggt develops egg alternatives for everyone to create asustainable, caring food system. As CEO, Tanja is responsible for businessdevelopment and the strategic direction of the biotech company.

She is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successfully building,scaling and exciting companies in the digital space. Following the exit of herlast e-commerce business to a German department store group, she joined BASF’searly stage fund’s investment committee as an active board member of biotechand agtech companies. In this role, she actively contributed to build companiesalong the food value chain. A pivotal experience in Tanja's journey was herappointment as chairwoman of a BASF startup specializing in animal nutritionthat allowed her to deep dive into factory farming and the processes involvedin protein production. It was during this time that she made a firm commitmentto utilize her entrepreneurial skills and experience to change our food systemby replacing animal-based products with food based on technology.





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