Stefan Heilmann



Stefan has been with the IEG – Investment Banking Group, a pioneer technology investment banking boutique represented in eight international growth regions (Europe, Asia, USA) since 1999. Specialising in 8 global technology sectors, IEG delivers entrepreneurial solutions in M&A, Financing, & Principal Investments. Stefan leads the HealthTech, Data, Marketplace, and Enterprise Software desk at IEG. 

Stefan co-founded and co-leads DoctorBox, the largest digital health marketplace for more than 1.5m patients. He is a Managing Director of Deltavest, which manages a large European family office and the Deltavest Aging Impact Funds (open to institutional investors).

Stefan Heilmann has an MBA from the University of Cologne and the HEC in Paris – he is 54 years young, 1x married, and has two children. In his spare time, Stefan Heilmann is passionate about golf, grows his own wine in Portugal, and loves the Baltic Sea.





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