Sandro Gaycken

global expert on cybersecurity, cyberwar and private military intelligence

Dr. Sandro Gaycken is a renown global expert oncybersecurity, cyberwar and private  militaryintelligence. He has developed multiple national and large corporatestrategies, technologies and business models in deep tech defense andintelligence involving cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, hacking, privacy, and AI.He is a strong advocate of effective and pragmatic solutions, a translator andevaluator of technical complexity to decision-makers, and has builtarchitectures on a number of technologies ranging from operating systems tohardware to offensive technologies.

Sandro is well-known for providing highly valuable adviceand for being able to solve highly complex and sensitive issues. In thisfunction, he has and continues to advise national governments, supranationalbodies, large corporate boards, investment houses and select ultrahigh-net-worth individuals. Resulting from his decades of widely-spread andhighly specialized advisory work, he has very good relations with the Germandefense industry environment, DAX-companies on the board and on the workinglevel, some families of the larger German family-run corporations, withmultiple levels in European governments, intelligence and defense entities,large investment houses, the intelligence entities and the royal families inthe Gulf region, political bodies in defense and intelligence in EasternandNorthern Europe and in Japan, with NATO, IAEA and the UN.

In addition, Sandro has been working closely with the UScyberdefense and cyberdiplomacy community, working with the war schools, the WhiteHouse, the US military and large parts of the US ecosystem on offensivecybersecurity and hacking and has been named a key innovator within the Vulcanecosystem of US Special Operations. He entertains a number of honorary titlesand roles in science, being a Fellow at Oxford University's Martin School, anadvisor in Harvard Kennedy School's AI Initiative, a committee member of theCyber Norms Group at MIT and Harvard, a research director at Le CNAM Paris, alecturer for cyberwarfare at the NATO Defense College and a Senior Fellow atthe Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik.

Devoted to an open discourse and public enlightenment, hepublished more than 120 scientific monographs and papers, writes frequentop-eds in leading German newspapers like Handelsblatt, FAZ, Süddeutsche, andDIE ZEIT, and comments regularly on intelligence and deep tech matters on mainstreammedia outlets such as Tagesschau, Heute, NTV, N24, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Forbes,The Economist, The Guardian, The Times, Wired, Vanity Fair, and Al Jazeera.

He currently acts as founder and CLO of Monarch, as directorof the Digital Society Institute Berlin and is engaged in a select small numberof advisory mandates.

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