Sally Wyatt

Professor of digital cultures

Maastricht University

Sally Wyatt is professor of digital cultures in the Maastricht University Science and Technology Studies group. Together with an interdisciplinary group of colleagues, she launched a new bachelor degree in Digital Society in 2019. She has a long history of working on social issues raised by the development and use of digital technologies. More details: https://sallywyatt.nl/

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What do you see when you look for AI? 🎥

In this deep dive session we will focus on what we see, and don’t see, when we look for AI. We will start this session by drawing AI. Using both visual and textual prompts, this deep dive session will involve participants in recognising those aspects of AI that are often invisible to users and the wider public, either deliberately or by accident. Those invisible aspects are often crucial to the functioning of AI. By the end of the session, we will prepare a joint visualisation of AI.

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Jocelyn Stage