Ryan Gersava

Social Innovator, Entrepreneur, Justice Diversity Equity and Inclusion Champion

Ryan Gersava (Ra-yan Her-sa-va) (he/they) is a neurodiverse social entrepreneur, educator, and disability champion. He is the Founder and Chairman of Virtualahan, an online vocational school providing inclusive training to people with disabilities and other disadvantaged communities who experience employment inequality, while simultaneously empowering companies to become inclusive employers. He is also an Ashoka Fellow, an honoree of Forbes 30 under 30 and a TED speaker.

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The risk of replicating inaccessibility and exclusion: what we can learn from web2 for web3 🎥

This interactive workshop titled "The Risk of Replicating Inaccessibility and Exclusion: What We Can Learn from Web2 for Web3" aims to raise awareness about the potential risks of replicating inaccessibility and exclusion in the development of Web3. The workshop will explore the definition of inaccessibility and exclusion in the context of the web and provide examples of how they can manifest. Participants will discuss potential risks and identify strategies to mitigate these risks by sharing examples of best practices from Web2 that could be relevant to Web3. The workshop will also include an interactive group activity where participants will brainstorm strategies for avoiding the risks of inaccessibility and exclusion in various aspects of Web3 development. The workshop is suitable for anyone interested in promoting accessibility and inclusion on the web, including Web3 developers, designers, and community members, and no prior knowledge of Web2 or Web3 is required.

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Jocelyn Stage