Parneet Pal

Physician-Educator, Founder of Systematically Well Advisory Inc.

Dr. Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS, is a Harvard- and Columbia-trained physician working at the intersection of business, lifestyle medicine and behavior change. As an educator and communicator, she applies her expertise to optimize health and performance, and its impact on business leadership and planetary wellbeing.

She works with global organizations (such as EQT Group, General Electric, Intuit, LinkedIn, UN Capital Development Fund) to address workplace performance, stress, burnout and loneliness using evidence-based strategies for physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Previously, she designed wellbeing programs for Executive Health (most recently at the University of California, San Francisco) and led faculty, curriculum, content and product development as the Chief Science Officer of a health start-up scaling corporate mental and emotional wellbeing.

Parneet speaks about the connections between Health, Leadership and Climate/Sustainability at Fortune 500 companies, business schools (including Harvard, Stanford and Columbia) and global conferences (including Web Summit and TED Countdown). She has been a podcast host at Wise@Work podcast, Harvard Business Review contributor and been featured on the cover of Mindful Magazine.





Opening Conversation - The secret life of mitochondria 🎥

Our planetary house is on fire, and so are we. This internal energy crisis is not just metaphorical, but biologically literal. Levels of cellular inflammation in our body are at an all-time high, fueling astronomical rates of physical and mental disease, while affecting our decision-making in the workplace and ability to reach our planetary sustainability targets. In this talk, we will explore the invisible seat of power, energy and regeneration in our cells - our mitochondria - and how they might hold the key to personal health, workplace wellbeing and planetary sustainability.

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