Olaf Koch

Partner at ZINTINUS

Olaf Koch is a partner at ZINTINUS - a Food Tech venture capital fund focused on supporting startups entering the growth stage. Throughout his career he has continuously promoted young companies and paid special attention to sustainability. Prioir to founding ZINTINUS with his partners he was CEO at METRO AG for nine years, where he initiated a comprehensive restructuring and realignment from a diversified retail conglomerate to a modern and focused food wholesaler. Under his leadership, numerous digital solutions and services were brought to the market and thus taking on a leading role, especially in the catering industry. METRO also committed to substantial sustainability improvements and achieved a leading position in the Dow Jones Sustainability index. Prioir to that he worked at PERMIRA as Managing Director Operations and before that as CFO of  the Mercedes Car Group within DAIMLER AG. Olaf started his career as author of IT books and lecturer. Thereafter he founded a startup that specialized in network solutions, which he sold in 2000.

Olaf has been an active member of various associations including a two-year Co-Chairmanship at the Consumer Goods Forum. He is also a member of the supervisory board of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, where he chairs the Audit and the Legal Committee.

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The Food System 🎥

The transition of the FOOD SYSTEM is one of the biggest challenges & one of the biggest opportunities of our time. Change is urgently needed if we want to secure good nutrition for the future and at the same time massively reduce the negative footprint of the industry. In this session we will explore the main drivers that are leading the change in a $ 8 trillion industry. We will also navigate through the rapidly evolving innovation in areas like alternative protein, functional food and food waste reduction. Change is urgently needed - CHANGE IS POSSIBLE

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Food Tech: Taste of Tomorrow. Navigating the Future of Food-Tech 🎥

Uncover the Culinary Future: Our Panel "Food Tech: the Taste of Tomorrow" invites you on a journey where technology and gastronomy converge. Our panel explores how Food Tech transforms the culinary landscape, from sourcing to dining experiences, redefining taste and traditions. Join us to indulge in insights, explore novel flavors, and witness the delectable evolution of food. Be part of this compelling conversation shaping how we eat and connect with our nourishment.

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