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Nina Zimmermann has been CEO of the employer review platform kununu since mid-2021 and is an expert in leadership and corporate culture. Prior to her current role, the British-born Nina Zimmermann worked at Burda, where she held overall management responsibility as CPO/Managing Director for the lifestyle and people portal Bunte.de, the affiliate network tracdelight and Burda's content influencer platform Brands You Love.

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Thriving together: How an employee-driven company culture can become the key to retention 🎥

Retention is the new recruitment. In times of an increasing shortage of skilled workers, the success of a company is closely connected to its ability to retain its talents. The key to that lies within the company culture. Many companies however are still struggling to identify and explain what defines them as an employer. Their self-reflection is limited. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to exchange and learn why, for the development of an enticing culture, companies have to ask those who know it best: their own employees.

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