Micaela Mantegna

Lawyer and Activist

Micaela Mantegna is a lawyer and activist specializing in video games policy, XR, and artificial intelligence ethics. Currently a TED Fellow, and an affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard, her research focuses on metaverse ethics and governance; generative artificial intelligence, creativity, and copyright. Known as the “Abogamer”, she is a seasoned public speaker, having presented talks and lectures for governments, organizations, and universities in over 27 countries, at conferences like TED, Game Developers Conference (GDC), GamesBeat, RightsCon, Internet Freedom Festival, More Than Just a Game, amongst others.

As a diversity advocate, she is the founder of Women In Games Argentina (WIGAr), a non-profit working towards a more inclusive gaming industry; and a Women in Games International (WIGJ) Ambassador, having been distinguished as their 2021 “Outstanding Individual Ambassador of the Year” award, and being named as one of GameIndustry’s 2021 “Gamechangers”.

She holds a Masters in Intellectual Property from the World Intellectual Property Organization/ San Andres University, with a dissertation on Generative AI and copyright. Also, she is the AI Governance and Ethics professor at the Center for Technology and Society (CETyS), and the recipient of the 2017 Google Policy Fellowship for her research on algorithmic governance.

Due to her intersectional expertise on AI ethics, Internet governance, and innovation, she was invited by the Argentinian government to collaborate in Argentina's National AI Plan, drafting the AI ethics and regulation chapter.

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Ethics and Aesthetics of Generative AI 🎥

Discover the transformative potential and the ethical responsibilities inherent in Generative AI. What are the ethical implications of AI-generated content in the age of deepfakes? How can we ensure AI algorithms align with human values and avoid biases? What measures can be taken to maintain transparency and accountability in AI-generated works?

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