Mazen Rizk

Founder and CEO


Dr. Mazen Rizk is Founder and CEO of Mushlabs.

Dr. Mazen Rizk is Founder and CEO of Mushlabs. He started the company in 2018.

Mazen grew up in Lebanon and after completing his master's degree in molecular biology in 2009 at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Mazen moved to Germany. There he completed his PhD in biotechnology and technical microbiology at the Technical University of Hamburg in 2014. Starting in 2015, Mazen worked for nearly two years at Ohly, the world's third-largest producer of yeast extract. It was during this work that he developed the basic concept for Mushlabs: the mycelium of edible mushrooms is cultivated in a time- and resource-efficient fermentation process. The result is one of the most sustainable and transformable foods in the world.

Today, Mushlabs comprises a team of nearly 70 employees from over 24 countries. For Mazen it's a place where diverse visionaries and experts from around the world come together to find solutions for the future.

With a new generation of sustainable food and a revolutionary and safe production process, Mazen wants to create a fair and sustainable food system. The successes of recent years, his unique product and the enthusiasm of partners and investors make this vision seem quite real.





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