Marina Löwe

Director of Learning & Development

ada Learning

Marina Löwe is ada´s Head of Learning & Development. She joins us in our belief that growth rarely happens alone, and shares our passion to inspire the connections that will drive future change. Marina is an experienced change expert with a proven track record in creating personal and business transformations. She accompanies executives and teams in the development of mindful digital high-performance cultures for sustainable business. Marina has been working as an internal and external consultant, facilitator and trainer in international companies ranging from DAX corporations to startups since 2002. She is an industrial and organizational psychologist, multi-certified trainer, mediator, Co-active and Berkeley Executive Coach.

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Unveiling Hidden Realities: An Interactive Journey 🎥

Ignite your potential with our immersive structured session that encourages deep reflection, knowledge sharing, practical application, and problem-solving.

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Connecting Beyond the Visible 🎥

A series of visualizations and interactions that will help you see the hidden side of how we collaborate and connect with others in our journey to build the future together.

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