Laura Dornheim

City Councillor and CDO

City of Munich

City Councillor and CDO Dr. Laura Dornheim holds a Diploma in business informatics and a PhD in Gender Studies. As head of the IT Department she is responsible for the IT infrastructure as well as the digitalization of the City of Munich and its administration.

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Cooperation and Inclusion through Open Source 🎥

Government agencies have always been required to cooperate, but so far this cooperation has always been strictly hierarchical and only top-down. Public administration is supposed to work for the citizens, but in the perception of many people this is not the case. The use of free open source software (FOSS) leads to a paradigm shift. Suddenly, not only the directly involved authorities are the target group, but in principle everyone, whether administration, business or civil society. There is no need for lengthy cooperation agreements; the formal boundary between authorities and citizens become more permeable when everyone can openly see what is being developed and can try it out and develop it further themselves. I want to introduce you to how the city of Munich is trying to drive this paradigm shift towards more FOSS.

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