Knuth Posern

ada ambassador and Head of Unit Customer and Counterparty Data

Deutsche Börse

Knuth Posern, an accomplished IT professional, works at Deutsche Börse Group in Luxembourg. With his broad experience in just everything to do with IT, he easily connects with experts from all fields and brings valuable impulses and expertise to Deutsche Börse Group.

Knuth created a Docker prototype three years before Docker came to the market. Over the past 10 years, he worked on DATA topics from many different angles, including use of machine learning to tackle the NILM problem. He worked with many startups and several mid-sized as well as a few large companies across the globe (Canada, France, China and Germany). His deep grasp of value-proposition and customer focus translates into a modern, lean IT and product management.

Always on the look-out for efficiency and innovation, he is currently participating in the evaluation of chatGPT for Deutsche Börse Group.

Besides IT and people, Knuth is passionate about AiKiDo, being blessed to have trained under a 7th Dan in Montreal, and has been practicing dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for 10 years, currently becoming a certified teacher.

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