Kate Stone

Founder and Chief Technology Officer


Kate is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Novalia, whose passion is creativity and blending art, science, design and technology.  Founded in 2006, Novalia  combines printing and electronics to create magical and immersive experiences, typically for some of the world’s biggest brands including McDonalds, Bud Light, Pizza Hut, Google and Unilever, which have been seen and shared by millions.   Kate calls herself a ‘Creative Scientist’.  Turning Pizza Huts’ box into working paper DJ decks, walls for SXSW in Austin, Texas that trigger music when touched and a paper notebook that also works as a piano, amongst many other things. 

Now based in Los Angeles, Kate is a lay member of the Editors Code of Practice Committee in the UK. She is former Chair of the Executive Board of the MIDI Manufacturers Association and Chair of the Board of Just Bee, a charity in Dundee that helps the vulnerable and underserved.  Kate has a degree in Electronics from Salford University and a PHD from Cambridge University.

She is obsessed with hiking and camping, whilst trying her best to avoid getting eaten by bears or other wild animals!

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A future more like the past than the present

Kate’s talk asks ‘if we understood more about who we are, what makes us thrive, how we engage and understand our world and our place in it more deeply what kind of future could we choose to build, and if so, would that future look more like the past than the present.’ There will also be live demonstrations of Kate’s work at Novalia where her and her team have created interactive posters that play sounds and remix music when touched.

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