Juliane Meyer-Benz

Content Manager


Juliane Meyer-Benz is Content Manager at 7Mind

Juliane is Content Manager at 7Mind, a German mindfulness app which offers themed guided meditations, prevention courses, sleep stories, and other auditive content for a healthier and more balanced life.

Born and raised in Germany, Juliane studied Psychology in Groningen, the Netherlands, with a focus on the relationship between body and mind in mental health practices. She’s a certified yoga teacher, in Hatha yoga and Somatic Yoga, and has been working as a freelancing life coach for 2 years. At 7Mind, Juliane creates psychology-informed meditation and mindful movement content and offers workshops on topics such as stress, movement in everyday life and habit building.





Finding balance with mindfulness

Life-changing innovations, futuristic technologies and ethical controversies meet the ancient practice of simply being present. Mindfulness may seem like the ultimate contrast to today’s constant striving for more, faster and better. Does that mean they can’t coexist? Quite the opposite. In this Deep Dive, we’ll explore how mindfulness can boost your resilience to stress and help you stay in balance amidst the chaos of modern life.

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Meditation 🎥

Take a moment to recharge and center yourself with a guided meditation. Let’s give our busy minds a break and enjoy a moment of mindfulness to slow down and arrive in the present moment.

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