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Janna holds a Master in Chinese Studies and Economics, a PhD in Computational Linguistics and speaks seven languages. After several years of work in AI and NLP in both academia and industry, she started her own analytics business. She is currently leading two exciting companies - Anacode and Equintel. Both use Artificial Intelligence to deliver cutting-edge business intelligence at the intersection between innovation and sustainability and guide clients towards smarter decisions, strategies and execution. Janna is also writing a book about building great products with AI, which will soon be published with Manning Publications.

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Innovation monitoring with AI

Upgrading your Innovation Intelligence with AI. While innovation is a core driver of the success of modern businesses, understanding the modern innovation landscape can quickly turn into a challenge. With rapid technological advancements, interdisciplinary convergence, high uncertainty and globalized ideas, it takes agility, adaptability, and a deep understanding to stay ahead. In this session, we want to equip participants with AI-driven tools and methods to improve and speed up their innovation research. We will first look into current research methods, like classical desktop research and the services of high-profile research agencies, and reflect why these methods are limited in embracing the dynamics of the modern innovation landscape. While innovation trends and lifecycles are accelerating, today we also have large quantities of innovation-related data at our fingertips. Using AI methods such as Natural Language Processing, we can process this data and mine it for meaningful, dynamic and actionable insights. We illustrate this process using Anacode's Innovation Monitor as a showcase and give participants a hands-on opportunity to explore innovation topics of their own interest.

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