Florian Feltes

Co-Founder & CEO


Florian is the Co-Founder & CEO of Zortify

Florian is the Co-Founder & CEO of Zortify, a leading technology company that provides innovative HR-tech solutions to businesses in the digital age. He is a dynamic and visionary speaker with extensive experience in leadership and Human Experience Management (HXM). In 2018 Florian published the book " Revolution? Yes, please! When old-school leadership meets new-work leadership (“Revolution? Ja, bitte! Wenn Old-School-Führung auf New-Work-Leadership trifft”) which explores the challenges and opportunities of disruption in today's rapidly changing economy. With extensive experience in the academic world, as a Professor for Digital HR and Leadership, as a consultant and as an entrepreneur, his insights and perspectives on Human Experience Management and innovation has helped some of the world's largestand most successful companies navigate the challenges of the modern HR landscape.





Cracking the Code of Human Understanding: An Interactive Exploration

Dive into an engaging 45-minute session of human understanding. Join us to explore the profound impact of empathy, the insights of X-Data, and the transformative possibilities of augmented intelligence through technology. Through interactive activities, real-world examples, and a focus on asking the right questions, this session equips you with the skills to comprehend and connect with people on a whole new level. Experience the intersection of human insight and technology in an exciting and enlightening journey.

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