Dmitrij Achelrod

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Evolute Institute

Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod (PhD) is Co-Founder of the Evolute Institute. Dmitrij's vision is to be of service at the intersection of human and planetary well-being by helping people to deepen their connection with life and to actualize their potential through deep inner work. His personal journey of transformation was catalyzed by an unexpected and life-changing entheogenic encounter in the Brazilian forest several years ago. Ever since, he committed to exploring the path of the heart and to learn about science-backed and traditional modalities of personal healing and growth. Prior to starting Evolute Institute, he has been combining his expertise in healthcare and data science to create AI-powered solutions for a rapidly growing US tech startup. In this role, he provided strategic consulting to top-level executives of Germany's largest corporations. Besides Evolute, he is an entrepreneur in the healthcare field and an advisory board member of several digital therapeutics companies. Dmitrij holds degrees in Business and Health Policy (London School of Economics). He obtained his PhD in Health Economics while researching at Hamburg and Oxford University and received numerous distinctions for his academic work.

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Psychedelics: A consciousness technology for the leaders of tomorrow?

The tarnished image of psychedelics as perilous substances for delirious weekend-raves is slowly dissipating. Respectable media outlets like The Economist and the New York Times are heralding the dawn of the “psychedelic renaissance” in the treatment of mental disorders. Yet, the space between clinic and rave is wide and teeming with potential for truly transformative practices. In this Deep-Dive, we wish to take you on a journey of exploring the scientific underpinning of how psychedelics work in the brain, and most importantly, how this unique “consciousness technology”could help us on our path of personal maturation and professional growth.

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