Christopher Kabakis

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Evolute Institute

Christopher is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Evolute Institute. He is passionate about consciousness development, i.e. how to understand, influence, and grow our inner capacities. After a decade of experience in communication & leadership training, consulting, and coaching, Christopher is committed to facilitating deep inner work. His path has led him to psychedelic retreats, somatic approaches, and bodywork and he has been training in Integrative Somatic Process (ISP) as well as trauma-informed process work. He brings everything together now in his work of designing and facilitating the personal development programs at Evolute. His great interest lies in integrating innovative modalities such as psychedelics as well as certain forms of presence-based mindfulness, relational attunement and somatics into his coaching and process work - all in the service of promoting integration, growth, and deep, lasting change in the leaders he works with.Previously, Christopher obtained a Masters Degree in Business and Economics from WHU (Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management), was a scholarship recipient of Heinrich-Böll Foundation, lived and worked in Sweden, Italy, Spain and Japan and did Ph.D.-level studies at HEC Montreal, Canada. He teaches regularly at ESCP Europe in different programs (EMBA, EMDIEL, MSIE).

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Psychedelics: A consciousness technology for the leaders of tomorrow?

The tarnished image of psychedelics as perilous substances for delirious weekend-raves is slowly dissipating. Respectable media outlets like The Economist and the New York Times are heralding the dawn of the “psychedelic renaissance” in the treatment of mental disorders. Yet, the space between clinic and rave is wide and teeming with potential for truly transformative practices. In this Deep-Dive, we wish to take you on a journey of exploring the scientific underpinning of how psychedelics work in the brain, and most importantly, how this unique “consciousness technology”could help us on our path of personal maturation and professional growth.

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