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From idea to start-up

During the ada Fellowship, Dr. Tim Taraba and Yannick Dickel worked on an idea to counteract the lack of appreciation in the workplace – and turned it into reality.

With Kunveno (formerly Kukudos), they give genuine appreciation a platform, thereby increasing job satisfaction among employees. In the video, you can learn more about their founding story and how the ada Fellowship and their employer Trumpf have supported them along the way.

Let's talk numbers

The impact of the ada Fellowship in organizations

9 out of 10

Fellows implement new practical ideas in their organization

Those employees bring new ideas into their work and actively engage in improving your processes and/or products, bolstering leadership and fostering team collaboration.


of Organizations identified and promoted hidden talents.

Through the Fellowship, you are able to connect these talents and create frameworks for fostering change.

2 out of 3

Connections lead to follow-up conversations and best practice exchanges.

The companies establish valuable connections on all levels.


of Fellows move up in their career after the fellowship.

Through the Fellowship, you are able to connect these talents and create frameworks for fostering change.

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“In the ada Fellowship, our employees learn new skills and ways of thinking that they can apply directly to their work.”

“In the ada Fellowship, our employees learn new skills and ways of thinking that they can apply directly to their work.”

“In the ada Fellowship, our employees learn new skills and ways of thinking that they can apply directly to their work.”

Loved by our partners

What our Partners and Fellows are saying about the ada Fellowship

"Im ada Fellowship lernen unsere Mitarbeitenden neue Fähigkeiten und Denkweisen, die sie direkt in ihrer Arbeit anwenden können.“

Mathias Kammüller - CDO, Trumpf

Mathias Kammüller



"Unsere ada Fellows bringen neue Ideen in unser Unternehmen und stärken ihr Netzwerk auch über die eigene Organisation hinaus. Das hilft uns, über den Tellerrand zu schauen, wichtige Impulse von außen zu bekommen und ein Netzwerk von digitalen Vordenker:innen aufzubauen."

Franziska Schatt - Henkel

Franziska Schatt


Handelsblatt media group logo

"What a year! Künstliche Intelligenz, Metaverse, Resilienz, adaptive Führung im Kontext mit Cultural Change und Innovation Management – das und noch viele andere Themen habe ich gemeinsam mit Kolleg:innen beim ada Fellowship entdecken, diskutieren und für uns und unsere Company übersetzen dürfen.“

Katja Hierlwimmer - UniCredit AG Bayern Nord

Katja Hierlwimmer

UniCredit AG Bayern Nord

„Das ada Fellowship ist innovativ und inspirierend – unsere Mitarbeitenden sind begeistert, daran teilzunehmen.“

Tina Müller - Former CEO, Douglas

Tina Müller

Former CEO,


„Die ada-Fellows bringen neue Ideen und Netzwerke in unser Unternehmen – und leisten damit einen wichtigen Beitrag für die Zukunft von Henkel.“

Sylvie Nicol - CHRO, Henkel

Sylvie Nicol



Handelsblatt logo

„Es gab direkt eine sehr große Verbundenheit unter allen Teilnehmenden und einen sehr offenen, lockeren Austausch. Diese Vernetzung besteht teilweise bis heute – mit Personen beim Handelsblatt und anderen Unternehmen.“

Damian Kandora - Handelsblatt GmbH

Damian Kandora

Handelsblatt GmbH

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From First Hand

What our participants really think about the ada Fellowship

My highlight was the joint events that really blew me away. I have never experienced anything like it. Overall, ada had a completely different mindset than other seminars or training courses, a totally positive spirit. There was an immediate strong bond among all participants and a very open, relaxed exchange. This networking still exists today – with people at Handelsblatt and especially with other companies.

I'm really happy with my Future Lab group! Right from the start, we worked extremely well together. Everyone brings different strengths and perspectives, and we complement and learn from each other. It's a real pleasure to work across organizations and get out of our own company bubble.

The completely free time management, the mix of virtual and face-to-face sessions, and the interplay of the learning modules (the podcasts were always my favourite!) and the current topics in the community events. My highlight was working with people outside of my own organization and learning from them, especially in the Future Lab. This made me feel freer to really try things out and ask uninhibited questions.

I was particularly impressed by the work with new technologies and the focus on responsible use of them. Thank you for the great content!

My highlights were my discussions and brainstorming with colleagues in addressing a shared problem in our Future Lab project.

To meet people with an exceptional mindset and willingness to learn, change, and drive new topics into the organizations was amazing.

I found the modules very interesting and there were many exciting topics. I met many great people both internally and externally!

I like the way the learning and development content is organized. It is a great way to learn on your own and exchange ideas with others.

The modules that could be worked on independently and the Future Lab showed me how to solve a problem with motivated colleagues in a short time.

The unique mix of learning new and current topics that are changing the world, combined with the exchange and engagement with like-minded people!

The ada Fellowship is at the cutting edge with charm and competence.

The moderation, the engagement with the other fellows, the diverse range of live events, the learning modules, and the great work and research behind it all made the ada Fellowship special for me.

The information on topics that I otherwise didn't have on my radar – I found that incredibly exciting. I learned a lot, which still helps me in many situations today. The ada Fellowship has changed my perspectives and understanding of digitalization!

The events like the Morals & Machine and the Ada Lovelace Festival, as well as the opportunity to further educate myself with the modules and network with colleagues from other departments and meet ada fellows from other companies. It was great to be part of it <3

I found the mix of learning modules on different topics, webinars with interesting insights, events with exciting lectures, and many networking opportunities very inspiring!! It was a great ada year that brought me many exciting new insights and perspectives.

I especially appreciate the opportunity to network with other people from completely different fields.

My highlights are the meetings, the open exchange, and the great people I met at the events. I also really liked the time- and location-independent learning, which I was able to plan so well into my daily routine. I hope to stay "in the loop" and be part of the network as an alumni.

The well-prepared and concise content on current topics around digitalization and the future was great. I especially liked the podcasts and videos because you could learn on the go without reading.

It was great to learn whenever it was possible and fit into my schedule. I got a lot of new impulses and food for thought, as well as great networking opportunities!

The ada Fellowship is an interesting mix of different content that offers diverse perspectives on scientific and economic topics.

The mix of networking, content, events, learning modules combined with the way of communication made it a lot of fun for me. The ada team is very knowledgeable, highly motivated, and always having fun.

My highlight was the online events. For example, I still remember the talks on agility in the Ukraine war or on emotions at work with Magdalena Rogl. These short lectures gave me quite a few new ideas! I also found the virtual learning modules just as exciting. The different forms of knowledge transfer really resonated with me, were fun, and were easy to integrate into my daily routine. I could cook during my lunch break while listening to a podcast or watching a learning video.

I especially liked the exchange and ideas about new technologies and applications. Thanks for the colorful and good program!

The Ada Lovelace Festival was great for getting to know many interesting people. In addition, the project work was a highlight, where our diverse team was able to develop great and valuable results for the company.

The diversity and preparation of the topics as well as the Future Lab project in cross-industry groups were my two highlights. A heartfelt thank you! It was a great journey that also increased my visibility in the company. I definitely recommend the ada Fellowship. <3

I like the modules best because I could gain the most knowledge from them. However, it is the mix of modules and events that makes the program what it is. I also think the communication between the ada team and the fellows is great, everyone knows each other and belongs. A great program and I am glad I had the opportunity to participate. An absolute broadening of horizons! :-)

The flexibility and the wide range of input, with which you also always pick up brand new topics like ChatGPT.

I was actually enthusiastic about everything. The Morals & Machines with a focus on AI topics was certainly a highlight. But above all, meeting other people with similar, "moving" attitudes and the tremendous appreciative interaction – which we also had in our internal ada events. The ada team impressed me with its professionalism and accessibility. It was a great time!

I loved always learning when and for as long as I wanted, meeting interesting new contacts in my organization, and broadening my horizons.

My highlights are the events and meetings for exchange. By participating in the ada Fellowship, my mindset has been realigned in the most positive way.

The true practice of diversity and inclusion! Also networking, learning and getting inspired by some of the best keynote speakers and lecturers.

The whole mix of methods (self-paced in addition to live sessions and events), the mix of content (from mindfulness to literacy to specific tech topics), and last but not least: the spirit in which the ada team has shaped and accompanied the entire journey.

I especially like the way of learning and exchanging ideas. In small nuggets, whenever I have the time. The "long" time of the fellowship is absolutely necessary, only now after a year have the topics become second nature to me and find concrete points of connection for me.

I really like the way we interact: everyone encourages each other in what they do, and even criticism is always kind and forward-looking. This creates mutual growth.

The foresight, the breaking of previous thought patterns, the courage, and the positive attitude were my highlights in the ada Fellowship.

Overall, the ada Fellowship is super inspiring and educational. I particularly liked the learning modules and the exchange with colleagues within my company.

It was the best learning journey I have ever taken! The openness and curiosity of everyone involved, the safe framework to try something new, the visionary topics, and the eye-level, controversial discussions. The critical examination of current topics and developments, as well as the gentle but clear guidance through the program. I am also happy to still have access to this great community as an alum. A big thank you to the entire ada team!

Well-researched topics, presented in a contextualized way, by experts in these fields. Employees from various companies and current and future leaders can come together and interact on various topics makes a very good value proposition.

The energy - from the ada team and the other fellows! We are in this together. We want to learn. We want to share knowledge and experiences. We want to shape this future together. And we have a lot of fun doing it. "You only see what you know" - ada has made me see many things that I hadn't noticed before! Thank you for everything <3

The topics were relevant and useful for my personal development, and thanks to the Future Lab project, I was able to meet people from other countries and organizations.

I see ada as a network of changemakers and, for me, it is truly exciting to be part of that community, to learn from it and to also contribute with the knowledge I can bring.

Associate Director Solutions Development & Partnerships

The ada Fellowship is a premium-segment training program that is second to none. The preparation and structure of the learning content are very well done, and I am enthusiastic about the variety of topics from technology to society and ethics to leadership. Every Saturday morning was an ada morning for me. I would sit down with a coffee and delve into exciting new topics. What a great start to the weekend!

Beauftragte für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

I definitely want to keep this 'just try it' mindset. In addition to exciting insights into topics such as AI, data science, or quantum computing, I am particularly taking away an increased willingness to experiment from the ada Fellowship. In the learning modules, community events, and the Future Lab, many practical tips, tools, and methods are presented and discussed, which I test in my daily work and now use regularly.

Corporate Communications Managerin

It’s really good to know sometimes that we are not alone. When you are in a stressful situation, you’ll see that the whole world is in that state too.

Expert Business Management Support

A crazy journey with ada – I still benefit from it today. What a year! Artificial intelligence, metaverse, resilience, adaptive leadership in the context of cultural change and innovation management – these and many other topics I was able to discover, discuss, and translate for us and our company together with colleagues in the ada Fellowship.

First Vice President-Head of Retail

Now I have found the perfect program for me: The ada Fellowship. The ada Fellowship is a one-year, part-time training program that prepares teams for the digital and sustainable future. In addition to technological knowledge, it is also about entrepreneurial and personal growth.

Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin

There are so many high-potential people within the ada community who really are at the forefront of shaping how we are working, how society should look like and how to think about the future.

HR Manager Talent Development

Whether as a podcast during the morning jog, at a joint evening with the incredibly diverse ada community, or at exciting events with experts from science, business, and politics: The ada Fellowship was a learning journey full of innovation and inspiration for me.

Head of Digital Governance

What I really loved about ada is to connect with other organizations and to fill that gap of not only looking into your organization and driving change there but also looking into Germany and Europe.

Lead Sales Intelligence

With the ada Fellowship, I gained an additional range of future skills that supported me as a leader in my work. My highlight was the ada events, filled with top speakers and exciting topics. In 12 exciting months, I worked on concrete projects with inspiring people from various industries, fields, and levels and experienced interesting live sessions.

Leiter Corporates Bayern Nord - Senior Vice President

What I love most about ada is the exchange with inspiring, ambitious individuals and companies on how to be effective and well in the digital revolution.


I appreciate the broad spectrum of topics. It encourages looking beyond one's own nose. The associated challenges, which are not addressed in the 'classic' professional life, help with personal development. The cross-industry exchange opens up space for further ideas – a real added value.

Principal Expert Sustainability & Stakeholder Management

We are starting to see colleagues with a non-technical background also being integrated into teams that would previously have only been stated with 'techies'. There is a noticeable increase in recognition of the importance of diverse expertise in digitisation initiatives.

Product Manager

Definitely a qualification that will be essential for future leaders. [...] Let's shape the future together!

Regional Sales Managerin Organisation

I feel like there is so much power (...) in forming communities and finding solutions for ourselves because we trust each other.

Senior Scrum Master